Dorota Sadovská: Wounded Canvas

  • Dorota Sadovská: Wounded Canvas

Chobot Gallery, Domgasse 6, Vienna, Austria
10. 11. − 16. 12. 2022

Artist: Dorota Sadovská
Curator: Lenka Sýkorová

The resulting canvases, folded into an object in the size of a human figure, visually make the viewer to closely examine them. In detail, they reveal universal, yet deeply human gestures, in the form of the precise anatomical drawing of the figure. She also uses the sculptural technique of a relief and three-dimensional objects. It is this variability of painting, sculpture or drawing that the artist examines, while reflecting on the contemporary mimetic game that we all experience every day in the flood of images both in a public space and in an Internet space in our mobile phones or laptops, which often presents us with a misleading reality of the human body.