Like living in the clouds

Karolina Lizurej (PL), Jan Pfeiffer (CZ), Hanna Råst (FI), Jasmin Schaitl (AT)
26. — 29. 5. 2022

Curator: Lenka Sýkorová
Kenneth Pils, Olof Thie and Jose Figueroa.

The pandemic has given us space to calm down and slow down. We began to learn to live quietly, simply and in the present. To live with ease, like living on a cloud. Drawing as an intimate gesture, for many artists, has become the most direct medium for expressing inner experiences. By connecting the mind, eye and hand, we can capture not only the world around us but also within us. The drawing line, whether on paper or guided by matter in space, is still a strong visual gesture in contemporary art.



18. 5. — 13. 7. 2022
curator: Lenka Sýkorová
Martin Máslo

Collective memory forms our identity. The integrity of every human being is thus closely linked to the political, sociological and anthropological contexts of the historical consciousness of the location where we were born. The war in Ukraine opened up a number of traumas in Central and Eastern Europe. Colonial memory in the context of the former Eastern Bloc and Russia’s influence on it is present in the artwork of Lithuanian artist Marija Griniuk through storytelling, which she inherited as a family tradition. As part of her artistic research, she focuses on local collective narrative practice in the context of eco‐violence and the post‐colonial past.


23. 3. – 11. 5. 2022
curator: Lenka Sýkorová
photo: Markéta Bendová

Leaving traditions passed down through generations is like giving up an identity. It is a process of losing historical consciousness. The politics of today's disposable world is at a dead end. That is why there is a certain turn to tradition. The love for nature, crafts and cultural heritage is also significant for the Czech fashion designer Alice Klouzková, who is intensively involved in traditional textile techniques and their use in contemporary clothing design. The author thus exchanged part of her work in the studio for a workshop, laboratory and field, thus finding a new meaning for her work. The presented project points to her work process are burdened with responsibility, thus creating a design with a story taught by history.