Altán Klamovka at the Supermarket Art Fair 2023

  • Altán Klamovka at the Supermarket Art Fair 2023

Searching for lost worlds

Jana Bernartová (CZ), Petr Dub (CZ),
Darja Lukjanenko (UA) and Cameron Tauschke (AU)
11. − 14. 5. 2023

Curator: Lenka Sýkorová (CZ)
Studio Flusser

We see the twilight zone as the interface between day and night, but also as the interface between the physical and virtual worlds. The exhibiting artists reflect the uncertainty of the present and a certain search for lost worlds, where every shadow can be understood in the context of Plato's ideas as a reflection of the absolute truth of reality. Jana Bernartová is focused on the digital color is inherently virtual and therefore realized differently on different devices and by different imaging methods. Petr Dub understands the twilight zone as the field between the values of the present and the past: the interface between values or archetypes that were defining for our society, he puts in a new context of the feminist and decolonizing reinterpretation taking place. Darja Lukjanenko wishes once the impact of colonialism was recognized, one could forget the language of the empire, the ideas imposed by it, and the part of the identity shaped by it forever. And Cameron Tauschke sees the twilight zone is threshold where so many of life's roads converge and give our lives the eternal mystery - where day meets darkness, where reality meets fantasy.