Exhibiting plan in 2021

  • Exhibiting plan in 2021
  • Exhibiting plan in 2021
  • Exhibiting plan in 2021
  • Exhibiting plan in 2021
  • Exhibiting plan in 2021

The curatorial intention develops in connection with current topics in art, such as sustainability in art, calming the mind, minimization, return to tradition and intergenerational dialogues of the emerging and middle generation. In 2021, there will be five exhibitions with a longer duration, with a more sophisticated system of on-line documentation - quality photo documentation and video interviews with artists. At the same time, the gallery will focus on the presentation of foreign authors and the deepening of cooperation with them.

The exhibition season will be opened by the Czech established artist Veronika Holcová. Altán Klamovka will provide the author with a background for creating a series of drawings. The gallery will be partially transformed into her studio, in which the author will connect to the genius loci of the given place and will continue to work with this creative potential not only in the medium of drawing but also in the object. Furthermore, the Polish emerging artist Karolina Lizurej will be presented. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and whose domain is textile creation - embroidery, which she grasps at the level of current tendencies in the understanding of drawing. In Altán Klamovka, she will exhibit monumental embroidered drawings created based on artistic research linked to traditional embroidery, textile installation and reflections of the Altán Klamovka Gallery.

This will be followed by an exhibition by the Israeli artist, curator and middle-generation designer Yasha Rozov, who called for collaboration on the generation of the younger Guy Bernard Reichman to create a site-specific project. The authors will reflect on the interior and exterior of the gallery and the work is preceded by artistic research into the history of the neo-gothic pavilion and Klamovka Park.

The autumn season will be opened by Finnish visual emerging artist Hanna Råst, who is exploring the broad context of photography. She is fascinated by working with the archive against the background of opening the context of history, time, archaeology, memory and identity. In Altán Klamovka, her work will be based on research into the history of the neo-gothic pavilion. At the same time, she will focus on the medium of drawing. The gallery season will be closed by the Austrian established artist Jasmin Schaitl, whose interdisciplinary work ranges between performances, objects, drawings and video art. In addition to working with corporeality, she focuses on the materialization of intimate mechanisms that are related to the daily experience of reality. For Altán Klamovka, she will prepare a project reflecting a more conscious perception of time, while reflecting the possibilities of contemporary drawing.

Galerie Altán Klamovka serves as a basic platform for the development of future cooperation both in the field of publishing and exhibition in connection with cooperating galleries, institutions (eg Regional Gallery Liberec, Supermarket Art Fair, etc.).

Schedule of exhibitions.
Curator: Lenka Sýkorová.

The gallery is closed due to a lockdown!

Veronika Holcová /CZ/
opening 25th May 2021, at 6:00 pm, the exhibition runs until 30th June 2021

Karolina Lizurej /PL/
opening 7th July 2021, at 6:00 pm, the exhibition runs until 4th September 2021

Yasha Rozov a Guy Bernard Reichmann /IL/
exhibition is cancelled

Hanna Råst /FI/
opening 14th September 2021, at 6:00 pm, the exhibition runs until 20th October 2021

Jasmin Schaitl /AT/
opening 2nd November 2021, at 6:00 pm, the exhibition runs until 8th December 2021